All Men Reap

If I never plow the ground of our earth

If never I see a season to reap

Do not be shocked when I have no mirth

Show no surprise at the tears I will weep



I’ve had to put down dogs, anger, and guns

I’m sure that my fate will not be the same

I’ve many more winters, many more suns

Like a wax pillar, I end with a flame



Before me I see a deep blue skyline

Like most of my stories, my mind’s made up

Making my way over, I’ll be just fine

Make no mistake, I chose to drink this cup


Over and into the ground I will go

We all wait for the call, the sound we know


4 responses to “All Men Reap

  1. Watch out Conroy! Love the picture.

  2. Yes. For some reason I feel like you were holding back a little on this one yeah?

  3. Hmm, why do you get that feeling?

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