What does my blood cry out?

Brother Cain, I am able

And ready to help you

What have you done?


I lent out my hand

Helping you to stand

But imagine my surprise

When I learned that it was

Falling that you loved


Your anger was with me

But what have you been sowing?

I cannot save your soil from the hatred that you have tilled

So, you’ll slaughter me in anger when

All the while you were angry at your own fruit


Why are you angry?

Why has your face fallen?

If you do what is right, will you not be accepted?

Did I not accept you even when you did wrong?


Please be hushed

Watch what is crouching at the door

Like a lion it will devour you

So be truthful and come back inside


Instead you will lie

As you have done

Head through that door

And up from the ground

Will come the cries

From your final crop


Then you will leave

Nodding your head

Your sentence will be life

Knowing I am dead

And it was your plow that pulled me under

After you leave

Remember what last I breathed

I love you, and would have given you

Even the best of my flock

Now build up your city

And see how long the walls hold up

For you built them to seal in

Not to keep out

William Blake's - The body of Abel found by Adam and Eve


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