Oh, That I Could Breathe

I walk through the door.

Your air becomes my air,

Numbing the world from my nose.


I follow sweet sense.

Your back comes into view,

Revealing that sacred sky.


I succumb softly.

Your body meets my arms,

Compelling my gravity.


Your cloth,

The clouds.

Your skin,

The sky.

What intangibles have I found.

That I might pursue paradise within.


I bring you in close.

Your vim greets my vigor,

Laying your lips upon mine.


I whisper my dreams.

Your reply is a song,

Hearing helps me see the signs.


Like wheat on the wind,

Your hair strokes my cheek.

Whispered words grow weak.


We sway together.

We stay together.

But not forever.


My heart, oh my heart!

My knees go down to the ground.

Sweet deceiving air!


You are gone.

Never there.


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